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Green Burial Society of Canada

The leading Canadian organization setting the standard for green burial and environmentally sustainable death-care practices in Canada.

Natural Burial Association

Envisions Green Burial Grounds all across Ontario and helps communities make this dream a reality.

Bereavement Authority of Ontario

Regulates and supports licensed funeral industry operations in Ontario.

Green Burial Council

The American national Green Burial advocacy and education organization. Their website includes a great deal of valuable information.
Some information may not apply in Canada.

Green Burial Grounds

Willow’s Rest: Niagara Falls, Ontario

Part of a municipal cemetery.

Glenwood Cemetery: Picton, Ontario

Glenwood Cemetery is now licensed to offer Green Burials in a natural forest within the cemetery. This separate section is specially designed to permit human remains to be returned to the earth as naturally as possible.

Hybrid Cemeteries

Waterloo Parkview

Parkview Cemetery in Waterloo includes a space for Green Burials,

Cobourg Union Cemetery

Cobourg Union offers ecoburials in a meadow overlooking Cobourg Creek and the golf course beyond.


Earthbound Coffins

Locally made from Lanark County Timber, these biodegradable coffins include non-toxic glue and minimal hardware.

GBOV Articles & Videos

North Grenville Times – April 2022

The Environmental Impact of Death and the Green Burial Alternative – by Sasha Honsl, Director, Green Burial Ottawa Valley

Ottawa Citizen – Feb 2021

The green death: How environmentally friendly options are changing the way we bury our dead
Interview with Megan Spencer, President, Green Burial Ottawa Valley

Video from Citizen Article

The video embedded in the Citizen article above



About a reclaimed cemetery in New Jersey, this video shows green burial as a beautiful and practical option.


Guest Post on Dying with Dignity Canada – October 2020

My Thoughts on Green Burial in Canada by Susan Greer, Executive Director, Natural Burial Association

Green Burial Planning Guide

A succinct, easy to use fill‐in worksheet that helps define goals, indicate preferences and choices, and identify persons designated to complete an individual’s final wishes. Provided by the Green Burial Council.

Guide for Families

This article is designed to walk families through some common understandings and perceptions regardless of where the burial occurs, and to answer questions that will help make a first green burial experience meaningful for all.

Back to earth | CBC News

The full article about Judy Henry and her burial in Picton’s Glenwood Cemetery.

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