About Us

Statement of Purpose:
To create a burial site in the Ottawa Valley in keeping with the principles of Green Burial.

We are incorporated as a non-profit co-operative.  Our Board of Directors are: Megan Spencer, Bernadine Roslyn, Robbie Anderman, Charlotte Bodnar, Ann Pohl, Kaz Amaranth, Mary Nash and Sasha Honsl.  We meet regularly, usually every two weeks.

Interested in joining our team?
Please send us a message.


We are an ASSOCIATE MEMBER of The Green Burial Society of Canada


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  • Green Burial Ottawa Valley
    Green Burial Ottawa Valley
    “Crumbs of rotten stone,
    ​Shards of bone, the leavings
    And the ruins of lives
    The grounds a grave and
    So it thrives…
    A thousand thousand years
    Will bloom here in the spring
    Upon the living sing the blessing of the dead.”
    -Wendell Berry
    Green Burial Ottawa Valley
    Green Burial Ottawa Valley
    In the Middle Ages, monasteries often had cemetery orchards, with mulberry, apple, and chestnut trees sprouting up from between gravesites so that no space went wasted. Throughout the 1800s, many Americans spent their afternoons picnicking in cemeteries, and cemeteries such as Philadelphia’s The Woodlands, and Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta, Georgia, still encourage it. In countries including Greece, Japan, and Mexico, families have for centuries reminisced about or honored their loved ones while relaxing beside their graves and dining on helpings of souvlaki, sushi rolls, or tamales. Heritage Gardens eschews the use of pesticides, and its veggies are not sprouting from gravesites, but instead in their own isolated spot.