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We are thrilled to announce that Green Burial Ottawa Valley (GBOV) and Calvin United Church signed a memorandum of understanding to create a new green burial section at Locksley Cemetery, located at 731 B Line Rd, Pembroke, ON in October 2023.

The idea of working together to develop the green burial ground at Locksley Cemetery was initiated in Spring 2022 when GBOV was approached by a member of the Cemetery board of Calvin United church who was interested in working with us to create a green burial ground. Since then, GBOV board members have been working diligently to develop a memorandum of understanding. On October 18th 2023, members of GBOV and Cemetery Manager Glenn Pearson convened to sign the agreement that we’ve been working on for months.

If you’re interested in learning more or buying interment rights in our green burial section, please have a look at the downloadable PDF here:

Locksley United Church Cemetery Green Burial Area

Or email us at .

Our deepest thanks to everyone who has helped out along the way.

Glenn Pearson, Cemetery Manager for Calvin United and Locksley United, with Megan Spencer, Chair of GBOV, shaking hands after signing the MOU!
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