What is Green Burial?

What is Green Burial? Why Choose Green Burial Green Burial FAQ

This video, produced by the Natural Burial Association, is a beautiful and short introduction to Green Burial principles and practices.
Natural Burial

Green Burial means allowing a human body to decompose and return to the earth naturally.

  • The body is not embalmed; cold and cleanliness can keep the body in good condition for several days.
  • The body is buried directly in the earth, in a shroud or bio-degradable casket made of local materials (pine, for example). It is not enclosed in a metal coffin or concrete vault.
  • Burial is not as deep as conventional modern burial, (3 or 4 feet, as opposed to 5 or 6 feet) so that the body rests in the living area of the soil; there is enough soil over the body that there is no smell, and animals are not attracted to the grave.
  • The burial ground is maintained in as natural a state as possible planted with native plants that encourage native animal, bird and insect species and don’t require irrigation or mowing.
  • Markers are of natural materials such as native stone, and flat or low to the ground. Or a communal memorial may be chosen.

The practice is nothing new, people treated their dead this way for thousands of years before embalming and other modern burial practices became popular.

comparison of natural and conventional burial

What is Green Burial? Why Choose Green Burial Green Burial FAQ

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