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Is Green Burial legal?
Embalming of a body is not required in any Canadian province or territory. In Ontario, the Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act states that a body must be buried at least 2 feet below the surface of the ground. There are no regulations about grave markers or landscaping of burial sites.

Can we have a Home Funeral?
You can do all of the funeral process yourself, or you can enlist the help of a sympathetic licenced funeral provider for assistance with any part of the process. A family member may provide funeral services, including transport, documentation including death registration, and body care, without a license and for no charge. Bereavement Authority of Ontario;

What permits are required?
A burial can only take place in a licensed cemetery, but no other permits or licenses are required, as long as all funeral services are being provided by the family. However, those who provide funeral services to others are required to be licensed.

Can you be buried together with other family members?
There is no reason why you cannot have a number of adjacent grave plots for family members.

What if you die in the winter?
We have been assured by people who operate heavy equipment that a backhoe can break through frozen ground. It was common practice in the past to make a fire on top of a grave site to melt through the frost.

I have land to donate, why can’t we open a cemetery now?
There is a lengthy legal and expensive process to open a new cemetery. The BAO has recently been tightening the rules to make this more challenging. Thus we are working towards a partnership with a municipality who might have an abandoned cemetery they are already taking care of or partnering with a present cemetery. This is work that we will be able to focus on more actively once we have our Cooperative well established, especially with our new Board members.

If I get cremated, can I still be buried in a natural burial cemetery?
Some green burial grounds do create an area for people that have been cremated, others do not. This is a decision we can make together.

Natural Burial Association FAQ

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What is Green Burial?

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